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Are you a busy professional, pet owner, or person that lives a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to maintain your home or apartment, and you are starting to notice unwanted clutter, dust bunnies, dusty air intake vents, dusty ceiling fans, pet hair, a messy kitchen or messy rooms, closet clutter, built up tub scum, or shower scum?




Have you recently taken extra safety measures since the COVID-19 epidemic to make your home environment cleaner and safer since you are spending more time at home and feel your home or apartment may need to be de-cluttered, thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized, including electronics, high touch surfaces, and hard surfaces such as plastic, stainless steel, countertops, door handles, and other surfaces that the COVID-19 Coronavirus could survive on in your home or apartment?



Allow QualiCare Maids to rescue you from the stress of worrying about de-cluttering, cleaning, and sanitizing your home or apartment, and don't feel like you are alone, QualiCare Maids Cleaning Service is the first cleaning service many people in Mecklenburg County NC and surrounding counties call first
for CDC COVID-19 home and office deep cleaning and sanitizing services, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, last minute cleaning, and home and office decluttering services because QualiCare is a U.S. Veteran Owned Business that is insured, bonded, and a trusted name in Charlotte, because we have been performing healthy home cleaning services and home de-cluttering since 2006 this is why our “Total Cleaning Program” is trusted and very popular with the Carolina Panthers staff, busy professionals, millenials, new comers to Charlotte, and pet owners who prefer to make their lives less stressful by leaving their home or apartment cleaning to QualiCare, because the QualiCare Total Cleaning Program is designed to keep your home or apartment clean, organized, free of dust, kill germs, and harmful bacteria that may be living in your home, apartment, or office, which is unhealthy.



QualiCare Maids was featured on WCNC News on March 12, 2020
in an interview that illustrated how we are incorporating the CDC COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing recommendations in all home, apartment, and office cleanings for both new and existing customers to combat the spread of the Coronavirus in the Charlotte area.


QualiCare Maids Featured on WCNC News Video Link:


Has the clutter in your home become so overwhelming that it’s now causing depression, allergies, or affecting your health and you need your home
de-cluttered now?




1) A cluttered home increases the risk of injury due to falls and accidental

2) Cluttered homes tend to contain higher levels of dust, germs, mold, and bacteria, which is a major cause of respiratory complications such as asthma, or sickness by germs.

3) Messy homes and cluttered homes harbor dust mites more often than clean homes, and rodents, cockroaches, insects, and other pests love clutter.

4) Extreme cases of house clutter – referred to as "hoarding" – is often a symptom of a bigger health problem, such as depression, emotional trauma, attention deficit disorder, or mental illness.


Isn’t it time to call QualiCare Maids to get your home or apartment cleaned, organized, and easy to manage, so that you can start to enjoy a healthier home and more of your leisure time after work?

QualiCare Maids is only a call away at 704-218-9645 or you can visit our web site to view the WCNC News Story, Get COVID-19 safety tips, view photos and videos of our work, view our customer testimonial video, and fill out a free home cleaning estimate form at:https://qualicaremaids.wixsite.com/qualicare




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