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Cleaning Services in Charlotte, NC by QualiCare Maids offer house cleaning services for all of your home cleaning service needs, which include Covid cleaning services with an EPA Registered Hospital Grade Antibacterial Disinfectant, maids, move out cleaning services, deep cleaning services, Covid move in cleaning services, window cleaning, de-cluttering home organization services to declutter your household.



QualiCare Maids Cleaning Service is one of the first cleaning services many people in Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties call first for a COVID-19 deep cleaning and sanitizing for offices, homes, and apartments, move in deep cleaning and sanitizing, move out cleaning, scheduled maid service, and home de-cluttering, because the QualiCare “Total Cleaning Program” is well established, trusted, and very popular with Carolina Panthers coaching Staff, healthcare workers, public safety workers, realtors, renters, busy professionals, pet owners, and new comers to Charlotte.


Are you concerned about the recent wide spread outbreak of the Covid-19 Delta Variant that is widespread throughout the United States, and have you taken extra safety measures to protect your family, friends, or co-workers, that can be easily exposed to the Covid-19 Delta Variant in such places as your home, apartment, office, schools, public places like parks, grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, libraries, bars, and crowded public areas?

QualiCare Maids is one of the first cleaning services to be featured on WCNC News for being one of the first responding cleaning services in Mecklenburg County to incorporate all CDC guidelines and recommendations for effectively cleaning and sanitizing homes, apartments, and offices of the deadly Covid-19 virus.

The QualiCare Covid-19 Total Deep Cleaning and Disinfection of your home, apartment, or office is treated for Covid-19 and the Delta Variant with an EPA Registered Hospital Grade Antibacterial Disinfectant that is applied to every door and door frame, all cabinets, all office equipment, furniture, appliances, blinds, ceiling fans, window ledges, phones, computer screens and keyboards, and all surfaces that a person generally touches in a home, apartment, or office.



Are you a busy professional, pet owner, or a just a busy person that's starting to notice unwanted clutter, dust bunnies, dusty air intake vents, dusty ceiling fans, pet hair, a messy kitchen or messy rooms, and closet clutter in your home or apartment and you need a deep cleaning and sanitizing, or de-cluttering and organizing?


We take clutter and home organizing very serious, because cluttered homes tend to contain higher levels of dust, germs, mold, and bacteria, which is a major cause of respiratory complications such as asthma, or sickness by germs in the home, so all homes or businesses that we de-clutter are done to a high standard to re-claim space and make the de-cluttered area cleaner and more manageable.



Are you in need of a move out cleaning that's done to real estate standards so that you receive your deposit back?


Each QualiCare Maids move in or move out cleaning is done to real estate move cleaning standards, meaning that every room in your home or apartment is cleaned from the door frame to the floor, including all appliances, baseboards, floors, blinds, ceiling fans, window ledges, and interior cabinets and drawers.





Why is the QualiCare Maids "Total Cleaning Program" so reputable and trusted by so many people in the Mecklenburg County area?


QualiCare Maids is a U.S. Veteran Owned Company and U.S. Federal Cleaning Contractor, NC HUB Certified, and we are bonded, insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance, and all QualiCare employees have OSHA cleaning training.

The QualiCare Total Cleaning Program is designed to keep your home or apartment clean, organized, free of dust, kill germs, bacteria, and harmful viruses that may be living in your home, apartment, or office, which is unhealthy.

At QualiCare we don't have to say we're the best
when 95% of new customers say we're better than the rest.

Remember that all cleaning services are not created equal, there are many cleaning services in the area that are not bonded, insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance, and have no knowledge of OSHA cleaning standards or CDC cleaning recommendations, so you have to be cautious when hiring a cleaning service especially with the rise in crime.

Why would you trust some of these unknown So-called cleaning people in your home that are not insured with general liability and workers compensation and bonding, with no company website, nor can they be found in a Google search?

QualiCare Maids is only a call away at 704-218-9645 or you can visit our web site to view the WCNC News Story, get Covid-19 safety tips, view photos and videos of our work, and fill out a free cleaning estimate form at
: https://qualicaremaids.wixsite.com/qualicare



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