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I love results, and I noticed that the moment this company starts cleaning, they began moving kitchen appliances, and furniture to clean behind them, and before these items are moved back, they ask me to inspect behind them which was really a first from any cleaning service that I had used before, but their work is excellent, and they are really great people to have in my home to clean, because I don't have to ask them to clean or dust anything, they knew exactly what they are doing and do their job to perfection, so I like using them and telling friends about Qualicare.

Debbie Moss

I  called Qualicare at the last minute a day before New Years eve to have my home cleaned in Concord, NC for a New Years party, and take the call instead of an answering machine, but anyways, they came out early New Years eve to clean my 3,500 square feet home and I had the neighbors from next over, and they were even impressed with the two people that were doing the work in our home, because they were doing the work of four people, and what I mean by this, is they moved the fridge to sweep and mop behind it, they hand vacuumed the curtains and under the sofa seat covers, and even hand vacuumed the steps because we have two dogs, and to top it off, they had touched every surface in our home including bathroom fan vents, and they completed their cleaning within 3.5 hours which really impressed me and my neighbor, so my neighbor asked them about certain home cleaning methods and they gave her some very useful information and gave her a $15.00 coupon for first time customers, as well as giving me a nice discount for cleaning my windows and blinds, so I will continue to use this company and my neighbor is due to start weekly service with them on 1/18/08, because she was as impressed with their service as I was.
I rate their service a 5+ because of their can-do attitude and detailed cleaning.

M. Wellington






I am so impressed with the care that Qualicare gives my home, that I have 3 friends that are now using QualiCare for bi-weekly maid services after trying Molly Maids and a few other major companies that claim they are good and charge far more than QualiCare charges.

QualiCare is impressive, because they will do a walk through with me at the end of their cleaning and do any task that I ask them to re-do at no added cost, but thus far, I haven't found anything whatsoever to complain about, infact they have done my gutters, my weeding, and moved my fiance's furniture and cleaned her vacant home for a price far cheaper than I expected to pay, so all I can say is try QualiCare if you've tried molly maids or any of the other maid services, and i feel that you will continue to use QualiCare and consistently be happy with their services.

QualiCare does great work and the references and high standard does more than prove that they live up to everything they say they will do, and the cleaning consultant that you meet with will show you that QualiCare is licensed and registered as a local, state, and federal vendor, aswell as show you that QualiCare is bonded and insured for $2,000.000, so you can feel at ease and know that your home won't be missing any items, or have anything broken by their professional staff.
I know this review is a bit long, but Greg Nixon the General Manager for QualiCare makes sure I am always satisfied, so this is the least that I could do for him by writing this review of satisfaction.

John W.
S. Charlotte, NC

    Qualicare just made me feel special  

I don't have time to clean and I have two cats that make quite a mess of my condo when I'm at work, so I had to draw the line and finally hire a cleaning service, because my boyfriend hates any place that smells like animals.
I called Qualicare and they came in to give my condo a deep cleaning that included a carpet and furniture shampooing and some interior appliance cleaning.
As I entered my condo that evening, I noticed that they had used some type of nice cinnamon apple fragrance to rid my condo of the cat smell, and I don't recall asking them to do this, but their cleaning was so good, that I called Greg to get his mailing address to send him a $50.00 tip for doing things that needed to be done without me asking them.
This is customer satisfaction at its best, and I like this company because of their personal cleaning touch.

I'm a very satisfied customer..

Posted 10/16/08

Qualicare just does good detailed cleaning for my company  

I am in the real estate business and most time I contact fellow real estate colleagues for home cleaning companies that are good and affordable, and the reason for this is because I need for my foreclosures and rental properties to look their best when showing them and one of my tenants had hired Qualicare to clean their home when they moved out, and the home was cleaned better than when I first rented to them, so I asked the tenant who they hired, and they gave me this Qualicare postcard with a 15.00 discount, so I had Qualicare clean two vacant properties in South Charlotte for me, and you wouldn't believe how good both homes smelled and looked after they were finished.
I feel I have found a cleaning service that meets my expectations and I just wanted to recommend Qualicare to my fellow real estate colleagues in the Charlotte and Raleigh area where my company does a lot of business.

Karen J.

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