QualiCare Maids Total Home Cleaning

The Best Residential Cleaning Services In NC and SC.

QualiCare Maids Is Highest Consumer Rated Maid Service

QualiCare Maids Is Highly Rated

By North Carolina Consumers For North Carolina Consumers.


QualiCare Maids has become overwhelmingly popular with North Carolina home owners, home buyers, realtors, property management companies, and renters from Charlotte to Fayetteville, and as a result of their  high customer ratings and reviews,

QualiCare Maids have new and existing customers thinking “total home cleaning.”


When you don’t have time to clean your home after an exhausting work day, or you are expecting guest in your home and want it to look impressive, or you  just need your rental home or apartment cleaned to a high standard before moving in or out, give yourself the break you deserve and hire QualiCare Maids

to professionally clean your home or apartment the way that you like it.


Why spend your leisure time cleaning, don’t you have more important things that you would rather be doing?


QualiCare Maids “Total Home Cleaning Program” is one of the highest consumer rated services in North Carolina, backed by over 2100 customer reviews, now that’s

impressive for an independent owned veteran company that has only been in business for four years, in fact, consumers rate the  cleaning services that QualiCare Maids provide

over the majority of corporate franchise maid services in North Carolina.


“At QualiCare Maids we try harder, because we believe that your home is not completely clean until it has been totally cleaned by QualiCare, so we have to be committed to providing superior service and total home cleaning care that each customer wants and expects when they contact us, this is why we do not use dollar store products, bleach products

or any cleaning products that are harmful to pets or human allergies,

we are aggressively committed to cleaning better than our competition,

because quality and care are written in our company name,

so quality is something we will never sacrifice”

says the General Manager for QualiCare Maids.


When it comes to home cleaning, QualiCare offers an affordable different type of cleaning and a different standard of cleaning that consumers love and rate highly for consistency.


For more information on QualiCare Maids or to get a free price quote, you may contact them

At 704-625-2330 in the Charlotte-Waxhaw area.



Email: qualicaremaids@aim.com



Starting A Maid Service Or Janitorial Business For Under $1,300

Corporate Janitorial & Maid Cleaning

Franchisors Pimp franchisees


Buying a commercial or residential cleaning franchise

has become nothing more than renting your own expensive business

that comes with strict franchise restrictions and guidelines,

a new employer that is referred to as the “franchisor,”

and monthly franchise fees that seem like paying utilities

on a business that most franchisees think they really own,

but in reality, they are being pimped

by the franchisor, in the same way that you would buy

a home from a realtor and allow that realtor to tell you

what you can and can't do with the home that you have bought.

 Would you buy a home under these conditions, then why would you buy a franchise business under these conditions?


Many people that bought into a franchise about 5 years ago,

thought they were buying into the American Dream of owning

their own business, but later found that they were even limited

to the territory that they could provide service for, which limits

the growth of any company that has hopes of growing and prospering.


QualiCare is a successful independently owned company that was

built without any bank loans, investors, or grants,

so QualiCare strongly believes that any business that a person

starts in America, should only be limited or regulated by its owner,

not a greedy corporate franchise entity that only has the

best interest of their corporation at heart.


Corporate Franchisors are currently living very wealthy off of

the labor of their franchisees, and less than 25% of

commercial and residential cleaning franchisees can really

say they are wealthy or make a high five figure income, but

lets not forget, the more money a franchisee makes, the richer

the corporate franchisor becomes, so as you can see, the franchisor

can sleep well at night, knowing that their franchisees are out their

serving customers and making money for the franchisor.


Are Franchisees Being Pimped?


QualiCare has now taken an effective leadership role and a firm stance

against commercial and residential cleaning franchisors,

that rely on hard working people that are trying to live the

American Dream by starting their own business, to take

control of their financial destiny.


As a result, QualiCare is taking a positive stance against

corporate cleaning franchisors.

QualiCare will now be offering any person in America

that wants to start a commercial or residential cleaning

company, a comprehensive 7 day training class, that cost

only a fraction of what a franchise would cost, and there

will only be a one time training fee, and business owners

will maintain 100% total control over their newly started

company, without any guidelines, service territory regulations,

franchise fees, and all the other negative things that accompany

buying a franchise.


The QualiCare 7 day training course is sure to give each person

that enrolls in our productive and motivating class, the tools

they will need to confidently operate and grow their own

independently own cleaning company, and QualiCare will

even offer services such as building their company website,

marketing and advertising support, and many other supportive

options that will foster the growth of their business.

Upon successfully completing our 7 day class,

each person will become a certified QualiCare sub-contractor.


Each person that enrolls in a QualiCare training class will

receive the highly customer rated 5 Star “Total Cleaning Program”

training for both commercial and residential services, and the

QualiCare “Total Cleaning Program” is rated over many

franchise cleaning services, and we have testimonials to prove it.


QualiCare now does business in 10 NC counties, and have expanded

service three times in one year to accompany new business.


QualiCare carries more relevant credentials than any cleaning

franchise, because QualiCare does federal, state, and private

industry cleaning, and we can't find one single franchisee

that can say they do business in more than one or two counties,

and in the bigger cities like Charlotte, they have very limited

service territory, which is the reason that QualiCare is so successful,

because we can invade a franchisee's territory and

there is not one thing that they can say or do

about it, because QualiCare is independently owned.


QualiCare's goal is to take the American Dream back

from the corporate cleaning franchises, and return it

to the hard working people of America, that deserve

to enjoy the fruits of their labor, without some

corporate cleaning franchisor trying to make a

profit off of their labor.


QualiCare was built on 80% referral, 100% excellent

service, and always going above and beyond to out clean

any franchise cleaning service, and we ask that each person

that is interested in enrolling in one of our training classes

have the same attitude and drive, because if

you commit to providing excellent service, you will

always profit and be successful.


QualiCare is strengthening independently owned cleaning

companies and taking corporate cleaning franchisors market share

and strongholds away, one training class at a time.


If you have an American Dream of owning your own independently

owned commercial or residential cleaning business, and you don't

feel that a franchise will meet your financial needs,

please contact QualiCare at 704-625-2330 to discuss

your future plans of owning a cleaning company.

QualiCare Commercial And Residential

Cleaning Training

Offers You The Following 7 Day

Comprehensive Training:


  1. Business management training & creating a successful business.

  2. Creating a business and operation plan.

  3. Accounting & cash flow.

  4. Getting business license , insurance, and bonding.

  5. Creating a quality assurance policy.

  6. Screening and hiring employees.

  7. Free and cheap advertising techniques & marketing support.

  8. How to effectively obtain customers.

  9. Where to buy cheap commercial cleaning supplies and equipment.

  10. Guidelines to writing effective price quotes and proposals.

  11. Guidelines to bidding on commercial & residential jobs.

  12. Guidelines to creating niche markets.

  13. The pros and cons of owning an independent cleaning company and owning a franchise cleaning company.

  14. Detailed hands on cleaning using QualiCare's highly customer rated total cleaning techniques.

  15. Growing and expanding your business.

  16. Developing a commitment to excellence.

  17. Common mistakes most people make when starting a business.


For more information about signing up

for a training class,

Please email us at: qualicarenow@aol.com

Please Visit Our Business Website At: http://www.freewebs.com/mybizness/

It's Your Right To Live The

American Dream




How To Select A Maid  Or Home Cleaning Service


Q: When should I consider a maid service?

A: If your job or current lifestyle doesn’t allow you time

to properly clean your home or apartment, or keep it free of dust,

Clutter, cobwebs, and neatly organized.


Q: How do I  select the right maid service?

A: First, you may want to determine how often

you will need a maid to clean your home and apartment,

so that it only requires you to do a minimum amount of upkeep

to maintain the cleanliness and organization of your home,

or apartment.


Next, you may want to search on the Internet under “ maids in”

What ever town or city you live in.

This will be more beneficial than searching a phone book.

Thirdly, you want to select a few good reputable services that you like, and visit their website to see what type of services they offer that are compatible with your cleaning needs and budget, but beware of cheaper services if you  are really looking for a service that will offer you a professional high quality cleaning, because we all know that some services will be cheaper than others, but if high quality work is a concern to you, then it is well worth the price and security, to hire a reputable maid service that is highly rated, or comes highly recommended, especially with the many services being  offered these days because of the present job economic situation, which has new services starting up daily.


Q: How do I price a good maid service?

A: The best maid services charge by the job and by square footage, and the mediocre services charge by the hour, with a minimum fee, which can really be costly if they work slow, or they have to re-clean an area to your satisfaction.

Windows, ceiling fans, and the appliances are usually priced separately.


Q: How do I pre-qualify a maid service?

A: Ask them if they are licensed, bonded, and insured, and if they are,have them email or fax copies of their credentials for verification. ask them how long they have been in business, and how many regular customers do they currently clean for, and how long have they been cleaning for each customer.

Next, you want to get a recent list of at least 5 of their current customers

that you can contact for a work reference.

Next, you want to ask them if they have had any

customer file a claim against their bonding for

theft, or for breaking anything, and ask if there

has ever been any claims against their insurance

for damage to a customer’s property.

Last but not least, you want to ask them if their

employees are trained in security and safety.


Note: With the recent rise in crime, this information

Will only make you feel secure in hiring a maid service.


Q: Is getting a phone or email estimate better than a home

Inspection estimate?

A: Usually when a company can give you a phone or email

estimate, they are sure that they have the right cleaning

products to do the job, and are usually more professional

and more thorough than so-called Mom & Pop cleaning

services that usually use dollar store products, instead of

commercial cleaning products that are recommended for

certain types of surfaces( wood floors, granite counters,

tile grout, etc.)


For more information on our cleaning services or for free quotes

please contact us:

Charlotte-Waxhaw Office: 704-625-2330

Email: qualicaremaids@aim.com